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Escopet flake
Pet Bottle Recycling

Escopet flake
Pet Bottle Recycling
Our Pet Bottle Recycling brand name  Escopet flake, under operating  Mekik Halı A.S. located in Kayseri Industrial  Zone has been producing  1200 tons of pet flake per month in A + quality since 2008. PET flake production, which is used as PET film, polyester strip  and polyester fiber raw materials, is produced at the highest quality using the latest technology machines.
Technologies we use
Optical Flake Extraction
Tomra Titech Autosort Flake 3 in 1

The latest version of Tomra's Autosort flake has a high capacity (up to 3 tons / h) and can detect and remove foreign polymers such as PVC, PP, HDPE in pet flakes to ensure first class quality. It also has a metal separation sensor.
Both polymer and color and metal separation
The first machine in Turkey
Escopet flake bir kuruluşudur.
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